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Find the perfect real estate agent based on sales driven data designed to get results.

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Our Bonding Process

We select only top real estate agents to represent you based on a variety of key performance indicators. In addition to the data driven KPI’s, Agent Bond understands that there are intangible factors in creating lasting relationships that can’t be measured through data. For this reason, our team ensures that you are properly matched with the right agent for your real estate needs.

Best Agents : Best Deals

Our agents are carefully screened and selected based on data driven results. Some agents are better at selling than buying and vice versa, we take that into account and bond you with an agent that will maximize success no matter what side of the negotiating table you are on.

Creating Lasting Bonds

  • Top 1% Performing Agents
  • Local Market Knowledge
  • Experienced Real Estate Agents
  • Close more deals

Benefits for Home Sellers

Market Analysis

We analyze market trends across the pacific northwest to ensure that our sellers get the most for their home. During our matching process we will connect you to an agent with a proven track record of selling homes for top dollar and positive reviews from clients.

Sell Faster

At Agent Bond, our Top 1% real estate professionals have the experience to sell a home more efficiently, creating a seamless transaction. Over their successful careers our agents have mastered details such as staging, pricing and marketing to help you sell faster.

More Money

Our experienced agents will get you the most money for your home. As top industry professionals they have a firm grasp on current market conditions and the knowledge to close the deal and maximize your investment. Putting more cash in your pocket is what we are about.

Benefits for Home Buyers

Best Agent = Best Home

Agent Bond understands that getting the home of your dreams requires an agent that truly understands your needs. The real estate marketplace is a competitive landscape which requires proper guidance. Our top tier agents know how to navigate the intricacies of buying a home and make sure you’re satisfied.

Negotiate to Close

Buying a home is an important decision. Which is why having expert counsel to represent you is vital. Each of our agents have a proven track record developed through years of negotiations to win you the right home. No matter the complexity of the sale Agent Bond is on your side of the negotiating table.

Local Knowledge

Understanding your marketplace is essential. Whether you’re relocating from out of state or buying a second home. Having local knowledge will increase the chances of finding the perfect fit. Our real estate agents are selected through data and personally vetted to ensure you are working with the right professional.